Kitchen Rewire

For kitchen rewiring before Christmas in Leyland, Chorley, Preston and towards West lancs I have the capacity to help you.

This kitchen Rewire is on a new extension build in Southport.  As you’d expect everything is new. New lighting, ringmains, oven supply, ventilation and under floor heating.

The spot lights are all 90 minute fire rated fitted with led gu 10 bulbs for lifetime ease of maintenance. All the sockets and switches are Schneider and are really great quality as standard.

outside lighting

You’re Local Electrician in Leyland is ready for outdoor lighting season are you?

Are your outside lights ready for winter? Whether at home or at work outside lighting can be effective in many ways. 
Decorative - stand out from the crowd with eye catching lighting that brings added kerb side appeal for house hunters.

Safety - lighting for staff entry, exit and outside areas will reduce the risk of accidents. Also if staff are key holders the light will make them feel safer.

Commercial lighting

A recent LED lighting upgrade at carried out in Lostock Hall was a complete success this week. We removed all of the old fluorescent light fittings and replaced them with compatible Ansell LED panels. 

With most of the fluorescent lights not working it was important that this upgrade was carried out.  The showroom is now nicely lit and helping to make the goods even more appealing.

Why choose led for the work area?

There are a number of reasons that led is better for the workplace, here are three