Commercial lighting

Led lighting in showroom.

A recent LED lighting upgrade at carried out in Lostock Hall was a complete success this week. We removed all of the old fluorescent light fittings and replaced them with compatible Ansell LED panels. 

With most of the fluorescent lights not working it was important that this upgrade was carried out.  The showroom is now nicely lit and helping to make the goods even more appealing.

Why choose led for the work area?

There are a number of reasons that led is better for the workplace, here are three

1 LED is much more energy efficient and helps to save anything from 50% and more. Lighting is one of the biggest costs of business, by simply changing your lighting to led around half that could be saved.

2 LED has a greater life expectancy than others such as halogen and fluorescent. This life expectancy is given in hours and can be as much as 50000 hours or in terms of years 20+.

—-so that’s a 50% saving over 20+ years, they’ll pay for themselves and offer an ROi to spend elsewhere.

3 the light is instant, flick the switch and it’s on. There’s no warm up time as with metal Hallie, sodium, fluroescent or other energy saving lights