Kitchen Rewire

Kitchen rewire Leyland, Chorley, west lancs

For kitchen rewiring before Christmas in Leyland, Chorley, Preston and towards West lancs I have the capacity to help you.

This kitchen Rewire is on a new extension build in Southport.  As you’d expect everything is new. New lighting, ringmains, oven supply, ventilation and under floor heating.

The spot lights are all 90 minute fire rated fitted with led gu 10 bulbs for lifetime ease of maintenance. All the sockets and switches are Schneider and are really great quality as standard.

The lighting was the biggest part of the job. There’s 6 zones of light that can all be used in combination or individually. There’s under cabinet led strip light, over cabinet spot lights, kitchen work area lighting, an island feature light, dining area lighting and seating area lighting. 

Not all kitchens are as involved as this one. Some may only need a revamp of the sockets and switches, some a refresh on the lighting.

New kitchen this Christmas? Big or small give me a call