Your local electrician in Leyland, South Ribble and Chorley North area has created this sample price list as a "guide" for you when considering any electrical work.  As with most businesses all electricians prices will vary from business to business.  This is generally a reflection of the electricians understanding of their costs and the perceived value that he/she brings to each job. 

Costs?  What Costs ?  I hear you say.  Every business must cover their costs to survive and to make profit.  These are a cost to the business and not the individual behind it.  Every business covers costs of wages, insurances, trade body, vehicle maintenance, work wear, accountancy, stationary, tools, advertising and on and on.  These are operational costs and in my business £20,30,40 an hour charged does not go anywhere towards covering costs.  So how much does an electrician cost?  I have created this example list as a guide for a more accurate quote please click the contact me form and send in your enquiry.


How much does a new Consumer Unit cost? 

£500 to £700 depending on size of consumer required. Includes pre installation test and inspection, upgrade to rcbo protection

How much does and EICR cost? 

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) costs vary.  A simple 4 -6 circuit may cost around £220.  Larger properties can be priced as £65 per consumer unit and  £26 per circuit

How much does hot tub connection cost?

Depending upon size in kw of the hot tub, distance from the main supply the tub is located, type of isolator required, if an additional consumer unit is needed the price is anywhere from £300 to £600

How much does an EV electric vehicle charge point cost?

there is no one price fits all in this market.  There are absolutely loads of variables to consider: from the incoming electrical supply, distance from the incoming supply to charger position, cost of the chargers vary, additional equipment such as O-PEN protection (if required), Type A or B RCD protection, tethered or untethered.  There is alot to consider.  I would suggest that an electric vehicle charge point will cost "from" £1100

How much does an outdoor socket cost?

A back to back outdoor socket costs around £90

How much does it cost to hang a fancy light fitting?

Some decorative light fittings are really easily fitted whilst others may be a lot more difficult.  The easier light fittings can be fitted for £60, the more difficult light fittings are charged by time, 1 hour £60, 2 hours £120, 3 hours £180 and so on.

How much does a kitchen rewire cost?

This totally depends on the size of the kitchen, specification (number of sockets, lighting, type of sockets etc).  The kitchens that i have rewired vary from £1400 to £2600

How much does a garden office cost to wire?

A lot of variables again to consider here.  lighting inside, lighting outside, heating, sockets, hard wire connected internet etc. price ranges from £600 to £1600 

Quick Price List

Fit a new oven, £90

Replace bathroom extractor £125

Replace Smoke Detectors £100/1, £135/2, £190/3

Replace broken socket front/ light switch (super rate job) £45

Install spot lights £45/fitting

Remove Decorative lights and replace with pendant £75 for 2 

Replace burnt out shower switch £85we accept card payments